Dog Who Was Hit By Train Takes Up Residence In The Heart And Home Of Cop Who Rescued Her

Written by: Arin Greenwood

February 15, 2016

“Miracle Molly” survived being hit by an Amtrak train — and now the sweet white Pit Bull’s been adopted by the police officer who saved her life.

Best of all, you guys, the adoption took place on Valentine’s Day.


Molly was hit after dashing into the path of an oncoming train inside a tunnel, in late January, in Baltimore.

“The train conductor saw her run into the tunnel to his horror,” Bailey Deacon, spokesperson Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter — or BARCS — told The Baltimore Sun. “He knew he could not stop the train. There was absolutely nothing he could do.”


An emergency alert was put out to stop other trains from entering the tunnel while Amtrak police officer Kevin McMullen rushed to the scene.

He got onto the tracks to help Molly, whose hind leg was severed in the accident. She was also covered in cuts, and had lost a lot of blood, along with part of her tail.

Deacon told The Sun it was “a miracle she survived.”

McMullen said that the first thing Molly did when he got to her, despite all her injuries, was to give him kisses.


Animal control officers got Molly to BARCS, where she underwent lifesaving emergency treatment. Molly then went to live with a foster family, who helped her convalesce.

McMullen kept coming by to see Molly, as she healed. Each time, she lit up — and licked him like crazy.


Photos of the smooches spread like wildfire across the internet, causing lots of speculation: would this puppy love grow into a forever home?

McMullen’s girlfriend Claire Giambi was wondering the same thing.

“I could see the love in his eyes just talking about her,” Giambi tells BarkPost. “From that I knew we had to take the chance to see if she could join our fur-family.”


Molly came home on Sunday. She joined a Baltimore household that includes McMullen, Giambi, and their cat and three other dogs.

Molly and the other animals have been caught sneaking in a few kisses of their own already — and so McMullen and Giambi are optimistic that their new dog’s charming ways will win the furry family members over just as quickly as she won over the humans.


The pair also hopes that Molly’s story will help break down negative stereotypes about both Pit Bulls and police officers.

And most of all, they hope that Molly knows she’s safe, and loved, and home.

There’s reason to be hopeful. Miracle Molly McMullen is settling into normal life just great, so far.

“Molly is doing pretty well for having a crazy past few weeks,” says Giambi.

“She has already taken over the couch, so she must know she is finally in her forever home,” says McMullen.

Molly’s even staked out a favorite spot on the blissfully crowded sofa, and McMullen says it’s right where she belongs: “Next to me.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.16.48 AM

Miracle Molly McMullen now has her own Facebook page!

BARCS relies on donations to its Franky Fund, to provide emergency medical services to homeless animals like Molly. Here’s where you can donate to the Franky Fund.

Get in touch at [email protected] if you know a miraculous Pit Bull, or have another dog story to share!

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Written by: Arin Greenwood

February 15, 2016

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