20 More Delightfully Cheery Holiday Greeting Cards For Dog Lovers

Written by: Stephanie Valente

November 16, 2015

The holidays are close! While it’s going to be merry and bright no matter what, why not dial it up a notch with beautiful dog cards for extra sweetness and tidings? From custom made cards with your pup’s face to cheeky and funny cards, this round-up has you covered.

1. Dachshund Through The Snow Card, $4.64

Is there a more pawdorable way to send a Christmas greeting? I don’t think so.

1 doxie

2. Bull Terrier Christmas Card, $3.50

This darling Bull Terrier is just busting with excitement over presents. Besides, wouldn’t you just love to receive this card in your mailbox?

2 bullterrier

3. Boston Terrier Christmas Card, $4.00

For friends and family that are the pawfect mix of sweet and silly, send a quirky little Boston Terrier in a red scarf to send holiday wishes. This compact card has major impact!

3 boston terrier

4. Postable Custom Card, $3

I can’t think of a better way to send some cheer than a card with my magnificent dog. We all know that pups are more than happy to send loads of excitement during the pawlidays!

4 postable

5. Warm Wishes Dachsund Card, $3

For classy and graphic minded dog owners, this stunning card sends timeless greetings! There’s probably nothing fancier than a Doxie in a patterned sweater, no?

5 postable doxie

6. Dachsund In Holiday Sweater Card, $3

There’s no such thing a Weiner overload, so why not posh up everyone’s winter mail with these fun loving’ pups? Who can say not to a Doxie in a sweater?

6 postable doxie

7. Doxie Hannukkah Card, $4

A cute and snazzy Doxie is a pawfect match to warm heart for Hannukkah blessings! This card just makes us all want to curl up with a hot mug of tea and read lots of letters from loved ones!

7 hanukkah doxie

8. Shiba Inu Holiday Greeting Card Set, $9.99

If you have batches of tidings to send every year, say it with a set of amazingly delightful Shiba Inus! Card sets start in packs of six. So holiday, so pawfect.

8 shiba noel

9. Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Card, $4

It’s not a warmest wish, if there isn’t a fluff-butt Yorkie involved. Be bold, be marvelous, and use a Yorkie greeting!

9 yorkie

10. Frenchie Sledding Holiday Card Set, $14

Dashing through the snow has never looked more supremely wonderful with a pack of happy-go-lucky Frenchies! Wow your loved ones with this set of cards and you’ll revel in sending snail mail again.

10 french bulldog

11. Pug, Bulldog, And Frenchie Carolers Card Set, $14

These polished and happy little greeters will be sure to melt the coldest of hearts. There’s no bah-humbugs around here with this snappy and magical little trio to remind us what the holidays are all about. Now, go get a set of cards to turn all of those grinches into happy revelers!

11 ink pug

12. Dogemas Greeting Card, $3.50

Wow, such Christmas. Holiday wishes. For any meme loving pup parent, he or she will certainly delight in this funny and Shiba fabulous card. Greetings are even better with Shiba jokes.

12 shiba

13. Bah Hum Pug Card, $2.40

Maybe your bestie isn’t so holiday enthused. If your bud has a case of the grumps, steal a little smile or smirk with this sarcastic Bah Hum Pug card.

13 pug

14. St. Bernard Holiday Card, $4.90

While St. Bernards might always be pawfect for a whiskey rescue, they’re the poster pups for holiday cheer! Get a nice dish of warm and fuzzies with this festive pup! Not to mention, you’ll wish for a furry savior a la a St. Bernard for all of those pesky but well intentioned relatives!

14 st bernard

15. Joy, Peace, And Wags Card, $3.99

I can’t think of a card more amusing or entertaining that a bunch of Labrador puppy butts wishing you a season full of joy and luck! It’s almost as bad as snuggle with a bunch of Lab puppies. Almost.

15 wags

16. Frenchie Joyeux Noel Card, $4

Now holiday time can come with some flair and jazz. This spunky French is cold weather ready and ready to be the highlight of any festive soirée.

18 white frenchie

17. Happy New Year Weiner Dog Card, $4

An magnificently pawfect way to ring in the new year isn’t complete without sparkles, happiness, glitter, and loving Doxies! Let any friend or loved know how excited you are over the new year. 😄

16 new year doxie

18. Santa Paws Is Watching Card, $5

I’m pretty sure I’m always being watched by my pup, and I’m not sure if she’s decided if I’ve been naughty or nice. This Santa Paws is the cutest vigilant for stray crumbs and treats! No holiday season is complete with a strong dose of utterly cute.

17 santa paws

19. English Bulldog Garland Card, $9.25

If you love luxe, this card gives a larger than life appeal. The snuggly, squishy faced English Bulldogs are not just adorable, but the finely crafted card is beautifully unique.

19 bulldogs

20. Pug Greeting Card, $2.32

I’m not one to stray away from silly Pug humor! For friends that just love our Bark After Dark pieces, why not bring a giggle fit to your recipient over a Pug butt? Yeah, I went there.

20 pug butt

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Written by: Stephanie Valente

November 16, 2015

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