15 Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Clutter From Taking Over Your Life

Written by: Ally Nesmith

February 17, 2016

Just because we love our pups more than most might consider sane, doesn’t mean we exactly adore all the toys and debris that can come along with owning one. Whether you co-habitate with roommates or already feel like you’re living in a closet, all that extra clutter can start to cause some serious anxiety.

Never fear! Here are 15 paw-picked ideas to help make your home a lot more zen for both you and your pup.

1. Canvas Toy Bin

If your living room is starting to look more like a doggie daycare, with toys strewn as far as the eye can see, creating a designated place to put them once playtime is over is the quickest, easiest way to de-clutter your crib.


2. Wicker Toy Basket

Another super stylish option for herding your pup’s playthings is this dreamy wicker weave basket from Pottery Barn.


3. Kibble & Treat Jars

Nothing can mess with your feng shui more than a bunch of crinkly kibble bags. Keep your dog’s favorite biscuits and bites easily accessible and beautifully displayed in these treat jars.

waggo barkshop jars

4. Jax & Bones Crate Cover Up Set

Dog crates can be such an eyesore. Keep your pup cozy and comfortable without sacrificing aesthetics by pupgrading their crate with a stylish matching cover-up, pillow, and bumper set from Jax & Bones.

barkshop crate cover

5. Built-In Dog Crate

If you have the budget and wherewithal to legitimately pupgrade your home, it doesn’t get any better than seamlessly incorporating a built-in dog pen into your existing decor.

built in

6. Dog Teepee

Okay, this one doesn’t exactly spare space, but it is an adorable way to give your dog a nook of their own. They’ll be howling “Home On The Range” in no time.


7. Furniture That Doubles As A Dog Bed

Learn how to easily transform an old piece of furniture into a funky, customizable dog den by following these simple steps.


8. DIY Leash & Treat Holder

Free up counter space with a DIY that can be catered to meet your pup’s needs. Follow these quick and easy instructions that will make sure your dog’s treats, leash, and poop bags are always at the ready.

leash holder diy

9. Ottoman / Pup Pouf

A pouf is a funky multi-purpose piece to add some character to your living space, not only is it a place to rest your feet, but it doubles as a chic and comfy spot for a cat dog nap.


10. Drawer Shelves

Indulge both your DIY and OCD urges by upcycling some old drawers into an amazing shelf set. Having a designated spot for everything means less time searching for stuff — and more time at the dog park!


11. Window Seat

My dog takes probably a hundred naps a day, each in a different spot. Give your pup a place to curl up that’s all their own but still ensures your sidekick stays close by.

window seat

12. Bed Within A Bed

This double bed duo from Brazilian company Colchão Inteligente Postural is a game-changer for all those slumber parties with your pup.

mini bed

13. Kibble Storage Station

This simple space-saving DIY project gives you a stylish way to conceal your dog’s food and elevate their bowls.

dog food storage station

14. Concealed Clutter Cubby

If you feel like your house is maxed out, learn to look around for small pockets of unused space you’ve never considered before. Creative solutions, like this under-the-sink dog cubby, really add up when it comes to taming your dog’s hoard.


15. BowHaus Dog Bed

This modern, metallic dream pod by DenHaus will launch your pup into the future! A sleek side table that doubles as a dog bed is another awesome way to let your furniture do double duty doody.


Do you have any space-saving life hacks that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Written by: Ally Nesmith

February 17, 2016

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