16 Doghouses So Lovely You’ll Want To Move In Immediately

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

September 21, 2015

Being in the doghouse isn’t so bad when they look like these! From discreet sleeping nooks, to collapsible cubes, to eye-catching furniture pieces, we found dog houses to complement homes of all different styles.

1. Cushioned Pet Cave, $18.10

This cozy pod would look right at home in any modern space, but we think it would look especially fetching in a contemporary kids’ room.


2. Bowhaus, $599.99

Part dog house, part end table, this sleek retreat has an industrial chic look that would complement any office space. Also comes in red and black.


3. Kooldog Box, $599 CAD

Design enthusiasts will appreciate this product’s blend of midcentury and retro styles; all the dogs will care about, however, is the plush interior cushion and ventilation system.


4. Wooden A-Frame, $62.99+

It may be designed for outdoor use, but this red wooden A-framer with its heart decoration is sweet enough to sit in any living room.

pink frameF

5. Nantucket Blue, $538

True craftsmanship went into beautiful colonial home, from the pine shingle roof, to the dormer window, to the white trim. Despite its delicate appearance, this pad can accommodate pooches up to 50 lbs.!


6. Roofdeck Home, $104.99

If your dog’s having an Evita moment, or if she wants to let her hair down like Rapunzel, you need this dog house. It’s actually quite small, so you can incorporate into any room in your house easily.


7. ZenHaus, $579.99

The clean lines and understated design of this doggy domicile allow it to fit seamlessly into any traditional or modern home.


8. Inside Dog House, $169.99

A padded sleeping nook with built-in food bowls? Where’s the human version? You can hang your pup’s leash on the attached tree hook, and store other supplies on the roof.

dog bowls F

9. Pet Squeak Bird Dog House, $79.99+

This charming canine coop comes in three different sizes, but it’s so cute, we say go big or go home! Literally. Climb in.


10. Green Victorian, $359

An opera window? A faux flowerbox? An arched, slatted door? You might consider making this your guest room instead.


11. Mariposa Crates, $540+

For the poshest pooch home, this designer crate features intricate stencil work reminiscent of a snowflake or Venetian lace. We’re loving it in black!


12. The Missy Cave, $899

This modern “cave” stands on its own as a piece of art, with its dramatic geometric shape and handsome woodgrain. You can choose from eight different fabrics and prints for the interior cushion.


13. Pego House, $117.99

With eight different colors to choose from, you can find a spot for this sleek, modular crate in any home.


14. Whimsical Dog House, $144.99

Dr. Seuss would approve of this quirky masterpiece, and so do we. At nearly 4-feet-tall, it’s big enough for Thing 1 and Thing 2.

silly bone house F

15. Roar Bear Bed, $29.99

This furry, fang-baring monster speaks for itself, and it’s saying “get in my mouth.”

dog mouthF

16. Striped Collapsible Dog House, $59.99

Keep it casual with this sporty little sleep nook; we can see it in a breezy beach house, or in a preppy bedroom.

striped cubeF

Featured image via Seungji Mun

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

September 21, 2015

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