The Mystery Of The Dog In The Nativity Will Make You Believe In Miracles

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

December 23, 2015

For six years, photos of a stray dog curling up in a manger in an outdoor nativity scene have captivated dog lovers. This is the time of year when, no matter what we believe, we all get a little bit more whimsical and a little bit more hopeful. It’s also a time when we open our hearts a little more to the goodness in the world. That’s probably why these photos resurface and go viral every year.

dog nativity

Whimsy, hope and open hearts aren’t just words that describe the holiday season. They also describe dogs. No matter what happens to them, dogs never lose the ability to be silly or to believe in the good in humans, no matter how terrible humans may have been to them in the past. They have hope and their hearts don’t know how to judge, they only know how to love.

dog nativity 2

Hope is what this little German Shepherd had when he climbed into the manger of an outdoor nativity scene one Christmas. He was hoping for a safe place to sleep, and maybe hoping some loving humans would find him and keep him furever.

dog nativity 4

The little dog stole the hearts of everyone who saw him. He looks so sweet and peaceful sleeping in the “arms” of the baby Jesus in the manger. Onlookers captured the scene in a series of photos, but no one knows what happened next.

dog nativity 5

Not only do we not know what circumstances brought the dog to the nativity, we also don’t know if someone rescued him that night. This dog’s life remains a mystery.

We’re left to hope – hope that one of the people present at this whimsical scene opened their hearts, scooped up the sweet, sleeping pup and brought him home to celebrate a safe and happy holidays.

h/t Little Things.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

December 23, 2015