UPDATE: Shelter Pup In His Sweater Nearly Loses Hope Of Finding A Home

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 10, 2016

**Update February 10, 2016**

“Christmas Sweater Bobby” was adopted early this morning! Facebook user Robert Miller posted a photo of the relieved-looking pup when he arrived to transport him, only to find that he had just found another adopter. We can’t help but grin at the expression on his face.

robert and bobby

Bobby’s adoptive human Paola Mariaca has taken him to the vet, where doctors determined he has ear infections and mange. He will require several medicated baths. Mariaca writes in a Facebook post:

I took on the responsability [sic] to adopt him because although I had been sharing and networking him, he was still at MDAS shutting down. Then he went viral, [which] brings out good people and bad people. After waiting so long, he deserves only good things from now on.

There was some stiff competition to adopt this sweet boy, but Bobby will go home tonight to calm and quiet, with a family that loves him so, so much. Congratulations, Bobby!

Natalia Zea is with #Bobby's new mom! #Adopted

Posted by CBS Miami on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bobby was just one of many dogs desperately seeking a home at Miami Dade, and all of them deserve the families they dream about! Take a look at the Miami Dade Animal Services page to see all the pups looking for love.

H/t & Featured Image via Urgent Dogs of Miami/Facebook

**Original Story**

Bobby was surrendered to the Miami Dade Animal Services on December 16th. This sweet boy is a perfect gentleman with a lot of love to give, but for two months no one has stopped at his door. He is now listed as “code red.”

bobby urgent dogs

Alongside a miserable photo of Bobby with his head hung low, “Urgent Dogs of Miami” explains:

[V]olunteers thought if he put on this cute sweater, someone would notice him and save his life. […] He is so heartbroken & he broke our hearts too.

Bobby’s long face is not a new occurrence—staff say he is “resigned to the fact that no one wants him,” and could be euthanized at any moment.


“Please don’t let this boy die here,” the photo’s caption reads. “He deserves a second chance at life in a loving home with good people. We will sponsor his adoption fees to a loving home.”

bobby in miami dade

Bobby’s adoption page says he is estimated to be about one year and four months old.

Already, people on the Miami Dade Shelter Pets Facebook page have released an outpouring of support and adoption offers. From North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, and Nebraska, to name a few, no one wants to see this guy go without the love he really, really needs.

While Bobby once shared a kennel with other dogs, his stress levels in the shelter have gotten so high he would be ideal as an only pup. Please email [email protected] if you are interested. He may be available for transport.

Here’s hoping you find a home, Bobby. How anyone can resist that face is a mystery.

H/t Examiner

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 10, 2016

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