Dog-Inspired String Art Is The Perfect Craft For People Who Aren’t Crafty

Written by: Meg Scanlon

July 15, 2015

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When it comes to adding touches of pup love to your home, it’s hard to find one-of-a-kind items that will show-off your doge loving personality without compromising your existing decor. String art is a craft that is fun, interesting, and so easy to personalize! All you need is a template, nails and some string! Go forth and dogify your walls.

1. Black Lab

Lab fans, rejoice! This leaping black Lab perfectly captures the energetic spirit of this puptastic breed. You can find the instructions to make your own here.

black lab string art

2. Woof

Make string art in your pup’s native tongue. P.S.- Little known fact: dogs love cursive!

woof string art

3. Yorkie Silhouette

Get creative by using a map background to add extra detail and color. Here’s a great DIY tutorial that can help you with the directions. 😉

dog string art

4. I Heart Beagles

Calling all Beagle fans! This one’s for you. It adds a fun heart outline to show your little buddy just how much you love them! It’s so cool it should be an emoji. DIY here!

beagle string art

5. Furry Friends

Cats and dogs side-by-side showing all is right in the world! This one can be modified for parents of multiple pets. Check out how to make one of these babies here.

Furry Friends String Art

6. Puppy Silhouette

Want to keep it simple? This easy tutorial can help you start off the string art path. You can customize by choosing string colors that match your tail-wagger’s fur.

dog string art

7. Dachshund Design

Let this gorgeous picture inspire you to make your own Dachshund work of art. Use this Doxie template and follow these basic string art directions.

dachshund string art

8. Friendly Face

Use this tutorial as inspiration to make your pup’s pawdorable face! A picture of your pup can be the template to a unique piece of pup art.

dog string art

9. Boston Terrier

Use this Boston Terrier template and follow these directions to get a one-of-a-kind piece of pup art.


10. Paw Heart

Show your four-legged friend how much you love them with this design using colored string for added pizzazz. Make your own here!

Paw Heart String Art

11. Colorful Paw

This one is kid friendly! Try adding a pop of color to your paw string art. This diagonal design shows this off well. Make your own here.

devons' paw print string art

12. Doggie Initials

Understated and tasteful. Make your own here.

initial string art

13. Corkboard Initials

This cool twist on string art uses pushpins instead of nails. Hammers need not apply. Make your own here.

corkboard string art

14. Pet Name

Spell out their name and make them feel special with personalized string art! Make your own here.

name string art

Now! Arm yourself with string and go forth! Go forth and craft!

Featured image via Ammo the Dachshund

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Written by: Meg Scanlon

July 15, 2015

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