14 Wedding Keepsakes For The Couple Who Loves Dog As Much As They Love Each Other

Reviewed by Christen Groves

September 26, 2015

This article is part of our BarkPost Wedding vertical, The Dogified Wedding, full of tips and tricks for creative ways to include your dog on the big day!

Whether you want your wedding to be completely dogified or you just want a couple of pup-themed touches as a subtle shout out to your furry best friend, there are several ways to incorporate dog-themed details into your wedding. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Dog Inspired Coral Wedding Invitations, $75

These very detailed, dog inspired wedding invitations, are handmade just for you!


2. Pup Inspired Signature Drink Sign, $200

A customized cocktail sign, with real paint, and hand lettering, inspired by your very own pup!


3. Westie Themed Place Cards, $10

These places cards come in a variety of different breeds, and are a cute and subtle way to show off your pup pride!



4. Custom Dog Inspired Logo Design, $34

This artist will design custom wedding logos with any breed, font, and color of your choice!


5. Felted Dog Wedding Cake Topper, $36

This felted display of puppy love is almost too cute for words. Just imagine what your guests will think when it’s sitting on top of your wedding cake!


6. Knit Puppies Wedding Cake Topper, $52

These sweet knit pups are a unique and fun way to show your puppy love.


7. Corgi Wedding Topper, $75

Top your wedding cake with these adorable Corgi caricatures made from clay and lace!


8. Peg People and Dog Cake Topper, $51

There is nothing cuter than a miniature wooden version of you and your family to be! Well, nothing except your dog of course.


9. Polymer Clay Cake Topper, $195

The customization possibilities for these cake toppers are endless, and each one is truly a work of art!


10. Customized Silhouette Cake Topper, $15

Acrylic, laser cut, custom wedding cake topper that features you and your pets!


11. Custom Pet Fingerprint Tree Guestbook, $76

This print allows your guests to leave their thumbprint, as well as their signature! To make things even more puptastic, this artist will include a custom portrait of your dog at the base of the tree!


12. Custom Dogs Holding Balloons GuestBook, $38

This digital print allows your guests to sign their name on a balloon held by your pup!


13. Dog Favors Wedding Sign, $10

Place this custom, chalkboard themed print next to a basket full of doggie treats for the perfect pup-inspired wedding favor!


14. Dachshund Shaped Mini Soaps, $4

This little favor is an absolutely perfect way to subtly include your Doxie obsession in your big day.


Reviewed by Christen Groves

September 26, 2015