15 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Keeping You Single

A great wise person once said "true love is hard to find." Then that person found a dog and later retracted his statement with "lol j/k." No one quite understands love like dog people, which can make finding a human partner a bit of a challenge. Here are 15 reasons why it's not Tinder you need to blame, but your dog. 1. If a guy suddenly jumped up in your face, you'd probably punch him. why-youre-single-10   2. You take your dog everywhere, even in places where dogs don't normally go. why-youre-single-9   3. A hot, sexy bath with your S.O.? Never heard of it. why-youre-single-8   4. You're perfectly okay with your dog being "the jealous type." why-youre-single-7   5. How you treat humans vs. how you treat your dog

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  6. All your friends are celebrating their anniversaries and you're just like... why-youre-single-6   7. But you don't really care what people think. After all, you can't do this to a human without getting slapped with a lawsuit. why-youre-single-4   8. And humans are too judgmental. Always trying to drag you to therapy and rehab and what not.   9. Date night. why-youre-single-3   10. Prom night why-youre-single-1   11. Wedding night why-youre-single-12   12. Your attempts at human relationships are awkward at best. why-youre-single-11   13. And downright rude at most. 13658396_1775348302702990_387016044_n   14. You honestly don't understand why people get upset with you about it. why-youre-single-2   15. Besides, you and your dog have a good thing going. It's probably best not to ruin it. Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 4.56.10 PM

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Tiffany White

5 years ago

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