Something Horrible Is Happening To Dogs At A Popular Park In Mexico City

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

October 10, 2015

Something terrible has been happening happening at the popular dog-friendly park Parque Mexico in Mexico City. Dogs are dying and no one knows why.

parque mexico dogs

Many people are worried that this might be the work of a serial killer targeting dogs. Yahoo! News states 11 deaths have been reported but one animal rights group reports that there have been 18.

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All of the dogs who were victims of this crime were walking with their owners in Parque Mexico. Roughly twenty minutes after the walk, the dogs began to vomit, convulse, and stop breathing. Autopsies on the dogs showed that the dogs all consumed food that was laced with fluoride zinc. This is extremely toxic to dogs. People believe that someone is purposefully putting the substance in food or on the ground and leaving it for pups to gobble up.

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The city has taken precautions and launched an investigation. Along with posted signs, workers are washing the grounds of the park with a hose to remove any poisonous substances. Police regularly patrol the park for any suspicious activity.

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It is heart wrenching to think that an innocent dog could die while going on a routine walk. 1 parque mexico dogs

We hope that all of the dogs walking in the park are safe in light of these tragic circumstances. While people are taking action, it’s important to be vigilant of any suspicious behavior and food scraps a dog might find.

No matter where you live, it’s best to always pay attention to what your dog might pick up off of the ground and try to discourage them from eating anything, even grass.

Note: All of the photos in this post are taken in Parque Mexico.

H/t and Featured Image via Yahoo! News

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

October 10, 2015