Black Lab Escapes From A Plane To Make A Very Important Delivery

This weekend, a potentially tragic story had a happy ending–and then some!

Black Labrador Ava was on her way to a new life as a foster pup in the care of Ruff Life Rescue when she decided to go on the lam. Flying from Texas to Wisconsin, the wiley pup slipped out of her harness during a layover in Iowa and was thought to be lost.

Image via KCCI
Image via KCCI News

A frantic search took place, and AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport lent a helping paw. Thankfully Saturday she was found in a garage in the town of Winterset, and it turns out there was a reason for her escape: she was looking for a place to give birth to her nine pups! Ava had them clean and comfy and nestled snug as…well, pups in a rug.

Image via KCCI Facebook
Image via KCCI Facebook

Currently Ava and her litter are staying put in Iowa until the puppies are old enough to travel. If you want to give the little family a helping paw, or are interested in adopting Ava and/or one of her brood (the puppies aren’t up for adoption yet, but they will be) contact AHeinz57!

h/t to KCCI News


Lisa Bernier

8 years ago