5 Apps That Will Make A Pup Parent’s Life Easy And A Lot More Fun

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

August 28, 2015

Our pups take up plenty (all) of our heart and mind space, so naturally we want to incorporate them into our lives as much as pawsible. One way to do that is to stay on top of your doggie smartphone apps! We scoured the internet and hacked into Cesar Milan’s phone in order to bring you the 5 news apps to add to your arsenal.

1) Pet Phone, $2.99

pet phone FThis must-have app keeps all your pooch’s health information in one place so you don’t have to keep consulting scribbled post-it notes and coffee-stained invoices for medication dosages. It can do anything from track vet appointments, to manage your pup’s weight history, to locate veterinary experts near you. The app can also be synced with your calendar so you get reminders when he’s due for his annual glamour shot, I mean flu shot.

2) Dog whistler, Free

whislteUse this app to train your dog, or to evacuate guests who have overstayed their welcome! You can adjust the pitch and frequency with an easy-to-use slider control, and choose from several sound patterns or ringtones. Bonus: it’s been shown to repel mosquitoes. (

3) Dog Translator, Free

transFWe’ve all wondered what our dogs are thinking and saying, and this Shazaam-style app can finally tell you! You record your pup’s barks and other noises, then the program analyzes them and spits out an English “translation.” It’s for entertainment purposes only, so you’re still going to have to splurge on a puppy psychic if you really want to know how if he thinks you look good naked.

4) Wag!, Free

wag! photoFThink of this new mobile app as Uber for dog walkers! When you’re in a jam and need someone to take your pup out for a jaunt, Wag! will find a vetted, certified, and insured walker in your area. You can simply browse the walkers’ profiles to find a match, or schedule a meet and greet! Built-in features include a live GPS tracker so you can see where the pair are moseying, and a “report card” sent directly to your phone with details of the walk including a photo and a stool sample. Just kidding. Maybe. Though it’s currently only available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, it’s getting rave reviews, so stay tuned!

5) Name That Dog Pro: The Unleashed Photo Game About Dogs, $.99

namebreedFHigh paws all around for this app that lets you build your doggy breed knowledge and show off what you already know! This is how it works: your phone will display a high-resolution photo of a pup, and you guess the breed name from four possible options. Sound easy? Think again! There are plenty of extremely rare breeds profiled (Smoushond, anyone?), and speed challenges. Please note that your phone will explode if you can’t identify a Dalmatian.

Featured image via Rosy and Rocky

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

August 28, 2015