Bizarrely Accurate Quiz Matches Your Personality With The Perfect Adoptable Dogs

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 11, 2015

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Imagine a perfect world, where hundreds of dogs exist as though they were born just to rabbit kick you in bed and lick the inside of your mouth when you aren’t looking. To take up too much space on your couch because their dog bed is not as good as your lap, and to smash their ice-cold nose against your thigh on a cold winter morning.


Ladies and gents, this world exists. You are living in it—we’ve just never been able to find our pawfect matches, our soulpups, if you will.

Well the future is here: say hello to this quiz created by PawsLikeMe. It uses an algorithm (an ALGORITHM, people. That means it must be important) to match you with dogs that fit your lifestyle as snugly as that missing puzzle piece you sucked up in the vacuum.

gertie bulldog

There are four uber-important questions to answer IF you want to take the not-so-serious route: What’s your energy level, what’s your type of lifestyle, what type of dog do you want (activity level, personality), and what type of person do you consider yourself to be (shy, social)?


These results will fetch a group of adoptable dogs that match you with around 25% accuracy. But don’t stop there; if you take the full quiz your matches will have an accuracy level of over 90%! Here’s how they describe it:

PawsLikeMe creates a complex matching score by combining four core personality quadrants for canine and human and then applying scoring weights based on environmental and special factors combined with pre-filtering based on your specific needs.

Sounds legit, right? The closer you and your dog’s personality score, the closer you are to a match made in heaven. And when you’re presented with your monster list of possible pups, then you’re able to choose those special factors, like size and gender.

scores and special factors

As you go through the quiz, you’ll come across questions like the one below, which weeds out the impeccable dressers from those who would appreciate a little extra fluff in the winter.

dog hair question

Or this one, to spot the true couch potatoes.

exercise question

Several questions later, I finally got my results and they were just SPOT. ON.


And look at all the pups I got matched with! Funnily enough, I’ve come across some of these guys in my own searches.

pet match results

So don’t wait! If anything, just take the quiz for a bit of fun and find out what kind of dog owner you are. You might just find your next best friend.


P.S. pups! The dog used in the featured image for this post is named Enzo, and he’s a Doberman/Mastiff mix about 1-2 years old. He’s located at Comp Animals Pet Rescue in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. Here’s what the rescue has to say about him: He is a well mannered guy who enjoys playing with other dogs. Athletic but not hyper. His deep bark will deter unwanted visitors however he is friendly and won’t back it up. Check out Enzo’s adoption page for more info, pictures, and contact information!

P.P.S. EVERY photo in this post features an adoptable dog! Just click the photo source to check out their profiles.

H/t PawsLikeMe

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 11, 2015

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