Adventurous Dog And Human Motorbike Across The Country And Into Our Hearts

Written by: Katie Haller

October 1, 2015

For some people, an adventure is trying a new restaurant without reading the Yelp reviews. For Mallory Paige, it’s putting your dog in a sidecar and motorbiking all the way to Alaska.


Strap in, because this cutemobile slows down for NO ONE.


Seriously, has anyone in the history of goggles ever pulled them off so well? The answer is no.


We don’t all have a dog this adventurous, or a motorbike, so allow me to highlight the journey, so we can all live vicariously through this impressive pair.


Mallory is calling it “Operation Moto Dog,” and they will not stop until they have hit all of North America, including every Canadian province and Mexico.


“Can you put me down now? Gracias.”


They did more than just motorbiking. They motorboated. Or just regular boated. Sorry, they went fishing. That’s the term.


They doggypaddled.


They saw animals that most of us know exist but have never actually seen in person. When was the last time you saw a buffalo just casually chillin’ on the side of the road?


They drove across bridges.


They became actual bridges.


At the end of the day they pitched a tent and set up camp for the night.


Did you know that when a dog gets in a sleeping bag it magically transforms into a CACOON OF CUTENESS?


And if they burned too much rubber during the day, they made sure to pull over for a cuddle sesh.


Baynor even pawffered to drive when Mallory was too tired.


Mallory writes:

“Now 6,000 miles later we made it to Alaska, faced bears, camped for free, got stranded on the side of the road, broke the bike, fixed the bike, and discovered the goodness of people on the road.”

Sounds pretty pawfect to me. (Minus the whole bears thing)


h/t via Bored Panda.

Written by: Katie Haller

October 1, 2015