From Egypt To El Paso: A Dog’s Journey From Mutilated Stray To Happily Ever After

Written by: Katie Kirnan

February 17, 2016

Every stray dog has a tale to tell, and their experiences are often filled with hurt, hardship and hope. The story of Egyptian street dog Anubis, then, is one for the ages.

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Anubis’ face was completely maimed by cruel strangers. Why? Because they disliked the dog’s frequent barking, which was likely due to him guarding his territory or protecting property from potential trespassers.

This egregious act of abuse left Anubis severely damaged. His nose is severed, several of his teeth are missing, and his tongue is now unprotected and exposed.

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Searching for sustenance is already a struggle as a street dog, but Anubis’ injuries made it even more difficult. According to his rescuers, when the Baladi did find food, he had to press his face against the ground completely in order to shovel food scraps into his mouth with his tongue. As a result, the five year-old’s teeth were soon worn down to mere nubs, making consumption even more challenging.

In late 2015, the Animal Protection Foundation learned of Anubis. Concerned for his welfare, the Cairo-based rescue operation contacted U.S. organization SNARR (Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation) for help.

Anubis is rescued from the streets of Cairo.

SNARR used their resources to share Anubis’ story, and it immediately swept across social media, capturing the hearts, minds and well wishes of people everywhere.

Katiria Declet, of El Paso, Texas, was one of those people. The pup lover and parent (she already had four dogs at home) told The Washington Post it was love at first sight. As someone with an admitted “soft spot” for animals with special needs, she and her husband, Wes Reed, happily offered to foster Anubis in their El Paso home.

With a foster family lined up, SNARR quickly began making travel arrangements for Anubis’ 7,000 mile journey from Egypt to El Paso. After arriving in New York in mid-Jauary and being transported to Maryland for emergency medical care, SNARR issued an online request for volunteers to help with any leg of the 25-leg trip to get Anubis to El Paso.

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Donations and volunteers poured in, and coordinated efforts soon emerged to ensure each leg of Anubis’ trip was covered. Anubis’ Facebook page, Anubis The Egyptian Baladi, became a way to help others follow his travels and keep his rescuers in Egypt posted on his progress.

anubis legs of travel
Anubis’ human helpers often posted updates about their travels.

Anubis poses for a selfie with one of his amazing human helpers.
Anubis poses for a selfie with one of his amazing human helpers
Two volunteers assist Anubis for part of his freedom ride.
Two volunteers assist Anubis for part of his freedom ride.

And one helper posted this video of the sweet pup hanging in her car, shortly before they departed Virginia for Texas.

After weeks of travel, Anubis met Katiria in West Texas and took his final lap — a victory lap — to El Paso.

Anubis and Katiria finally meet!

Anubis and Katiria finally meet, and indeed it’s love at first sight.

Katiria was sure to update Anubis’ followers with a post, to let them know he has found the love and comforts of a happy home.

We finally got our boy. Thanks to all who helped get him this far. Words can’t express our gratitude for each and every…

Posted by Anubis The Egyptian Baladi on Sunday, January 24, 2016

While Katiria, Wes, and their four dogs are fostering Anubis, they will have first pick once he becomes eligible for adoption. According to SNARR, the family is in love with Anubis, so he’s likely not going anywhere!

Anubis enjoys a well-deserved nap in his comfy new bed.

Anubis enjoys a well-deserved nap in his comfy new bed.

Anubis spends time outside with some of his siblings.

 The pup enjoyed a special Valentine’s Day meal.

Anubis has gained a healthy 10-12 pounds since arriving in El Paso. He was also recently neutered and is recovering nicely, according to his vet.

This special pup has grown more comfortable in his new digs, and has even started showing off his goofy side. Katiria recently posted this funny video of Anubis playing in the sun with his siblings.

Anubis being goofy, playing in the sun.

Posted by Anubis The Egyptian Baladi on Sunday, January 31, 2016

It’s clear Anubis is a happy pup — and thrilled to have a new leash on life and love. As Katiria’s husband, Wes, told Centre Daily, “He doesn’t know there’s anything wrong with him. He’s just happy as he is.”

Anubis’ incredible story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance, love, and people coming together to help animals in need. Anubis may have found himself in horrific circumstances, but he never lost his ability to love, to trust, and to hope for better things to come. And now he can.

From sleeping under a car to snuggling with a loving family.
From sleeping under a car to snuggling with a loving family.

Be sure to follow Anubis’ stateside adventures on his Facebook page and consider donating to causes like SNARR, which provide help for hopeless animals everywhere.

Featured image via Anubis The Egyptian Baladi/Facebook
H/t Centre Daily & Washington Post

Written by: Katie Kirnan

February 17, 2016