50 Dog Names For World Travelers

If you love to travel, chances are you have a favorite memory from one of your trips that you can keep alive by naming your dog after that special place. Maybe you saw a place in a movie that you would love to visit one day and would love a daily reminder. Whether you are a current world traveler or a someday world traveler, here are 50 fun dog names that are inspired by places around the globe. 1. Furona (Verona, Italy) 2. Be-nice (Venice, Italy) 3. Pawris (Paris, France) 4. Avalon (legendary island in the story of King Arthur) 5. Kona (Hawaii) 6. Derby (England) 7. Puglia (Italy) 8. Barklin (Berlin, Germany) 9. Sydney (Australia) 10. Dutch white house 11. Zulu (an African tribe) 12. Kiev (Ukraine) 13. Poochapest (Budapest, Hungary) 14. Barkalona (Barcelona, Spain) 15. Ball-i (Bali) 16. Bowston (Boston, Massachusetts) 17. Roverside (Riverside, California) 18. Denver (Colorado) 19. Corgi-a (Korea) 20. Chihuahua (Mexico) dog window 21. Nile (river in Africa) 22. Philly (Pennsylvania) 23. Vegas (Nevada) 24. Swanflea (Swansea, UK) 25. Nome (Alaska) 26. Catch-em (Ketchum, Idaho) 27. Auruffra (after the Aurora Borealis) 28. Bow-wowrealis (after the Aurora Borealis) 29. Rio (Brazil) 30. Aspen (Colorado) beach dog 31. Brooklyn (New York) 32. Barkeley (Berkeley, California) 33. Doglin (Dublin, Ireland) 34. Fiji 35. Kobe (Japan) 36. Mali (Africa) 37. Dakota (South or North) 38. St. Paw (St. Paul, Minnesota) 39. Kenai (Alaska) 40. Dogiego (San Diego, California) paw 41. Java (Indonesia) 42. Wolfsburg (Germany) 43. Sierra (mountain range in California) 44. Rocky (mountain range in Colorado) 45. Sparta (Greece) 46. Andes (mountain range in South America) 47. Sniffannah (Savannah, Georgia) 48. Vigo (Spain) 49. Yukon (province in Canada) 50. Tahoe (lake in California) Featured image via Flickr

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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