101 Dog Names Inspired By Historical Figures

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

September 1, 2015

Were you that person in history class that could keep all of the philosophers straight? The tunes of Chopin from Beethoven? Do you know exactly when Lewis & Clark explored the Wild West or when Magellan circumnavigated the world? How about hearinf some of the coolest egyptian dog names?From explorers to philosophers, we’ve found some great dog names based on historical figures, for both female and male pooches!

1. Leif Ericsbone (Leif Ericson, viking explorer)

2. Napawleon (Napoleon Bonaparte of France)

3. Hairy Houdini (Harry Houdini, a magician)

4. Brutus (Roman politician)

5. Benjiman Franklin (Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the U.S.)

6. Beethoven (Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer)

7. Casanova (Giacomo Casanova, Italian author)

8. Chompin (Frédéric Chopin, French-Polish composer)

9. Pawgustus (Augustus, first Roman Emperor)

10. Dickens (Charles Dickens, English author)

11. Sigmund Flead (Sigmund Frued, Austrian neurologist)

12. Genghis (Genghis Khan, Mongolian emperor)

13. Goliath (warrior in the Bible)

14. Homer (Greek poet)

15. Midas (mythical King)

16. Plato (Greek philosopher)

17. Winston Furchill (Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister)

18. Sock-rates (Socrates, Greek philosopher)

19. Solomon (a king in the Bible)

20. Titan (in Greek mythology, they ruled the world before the Olympians)


21. Trojan (The Trojan War in Greece)

22. Ulassie (Ulysses, a warrior in the Trojan War)

23. Quintus (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, a Roman poet)

24. Voltaire (French writer and philosopher)

25. Patton (George Patton, a U.S. General)

26. Julius (Julius Caesar, a Roman)

27. Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, a Roman poet)

28. Howlen (Helen of Troy)

29. Gulliver (fictional book character)

30. Excalibur (fictional sword of King Arthur)

31. Crockett (Davey Crockett, American frontiersman)

32. Jane Pawsten (Jane Austen, English novelist)

33. Byron (Lord Byron, English poet)

34. Alexandra (Alexandra Feodorovna, Russian Empress)

35. Cleopawtra (Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt)

36. Delilah (character in the Bible)

37. Guinevere (Queen of King Arthur)

38. Pawsephone (Persephone, daughter of Zeus in Greek mythology)

39. Hester (Hester Prynne, main character in the Scarlet Letter)

40. Inca (ancient civilization in South America)

41. Jezebel (princess in the Bible)

42. Magdalena (from Mary Magdalene, of the Bible)

43. Rover Cleveland (Grover Cleveland, U.S. President)

44. Octavia (sister of Augustus)

45. Aphra (Aphra Behn, first professional female writer)

46. Woofgang (Wolfgang Mozart, an Austrian composer)

47. Portia (character in a Shakespeare novel)

48. Rosie (Rosie the Riveter)

49. Shiba (queen of Shiba in the Bible)

50. Ursa (constellation)


51. Venus (planet and Roman goddess)

52. Verbona (Verona, city in Italy, setting for Romeo & Juliet)

53. Romeo Monatawoof (Romeo Monatague, a character from a Shakespeare novel)

54. Haira (Hera, Zeus’ wife and sister in Greek mythology)

55. Hannibal Barka (Hannibal Barca, Punic Carthaginian military commander)

56. Salvadore Doggi (Salvador Dali, Spanish painter)

57. Pawris (son of the King and Queen of Troy in Greece)

58. Abel (first son of Adam and Eve)

59. Xerxes (Xerxes the Great of Persia)

60. George Washingbone (George Washington, 1st President of the United States)

61. Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)

62. Elizabeth (Queen of England)

63. Albone Einstein (Albert Einstein)

64. Joan of Barks (Joan of Arc)

65. Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer)

66. Jacques (Jacques Cousteau, French ocean explorer)

67. Rosa Barks (Rosa Parks)

68. Tesla (Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor)

69. Cicero (a Roman philosopher)

70. Furley Temple (Shirley Temple)

71. Isabella (Queen of Spain)

72. Amelia (Amelia Earhart, American pilot)

73. Harriet (Tubman, Beecher Stowe)

74. Florence (Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing)

75. Dogphi (Delphi, a place in Greece, where the oracle allegedly lived)

76. Michelangelo (Italian Renaissance artist)

77. Rafael (Italian Renaissance artist)

78. DaVinci (Leonardo DaVinci)

79. Donatello (Italian Renaissance artist)

80. Hoover (J. Edgar Hoover)

81. Attila (Attila the Hun)

82. Dante (Italian Poet)

83. Kerouac (Jack Kerouac)

84. Bo (President Obama’s family dog)

85. Beauregard (Confederate military officer)

86. Avigdor (Biblical name)

87. Chekhov (Anton Chekhov, Russian author)

88. Geronimo (Apache tribe leader)

89. Pharaoh (name for Kings of ancient Egypt)

90. Seneca (Roman philosopher)

91. Ajax (Greek hero)

92. Troubadour (Performer of old lyrical poetry)

93. Ares (God of war)

94. Nero (Roman emperor)

95. Imelda (Spanish saint)

96. Wilhelmina (Netherlands Queen)

97. Yuma (American Indian Tribe)

98. Rococo (18th century artistic movement)

99. Golda (Israeli politician)

100. Guinevere (Queen consort of King Arthur)

101. Brunhild (Royal woman of the Visigoths)

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

September 1, 2015

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