50 Inappropriate Dog Names You Should NEVER Use

You can scroll through hundreds of websites that advertise the best names for your new pup, but what some of us need is a list of what not to name your dog. If you came here looking for awesome dog names, these might not be ideal for your new pooch, but we had a lot of fun compiling this ridiculous list. 1. Killer 2. Timber 3. OJ (Most people don't think of Orange Juice...) 4. Glass Ceiling 5. Patriarchy 6. Fore! 7. Tonya Harding 8. War 9. Incoming! 10. Pio pio! 11. Chairman Mao 12. Justin Bieber 13. Pull My Finger 14. Gotham (You might think it's hilarious to tell your friends "Gotham needs me" every time your dog whines, but no. Don't do it!) 15. Tom Hanks 16. L Ron Hubbard 17. Voldemort 18. Pope 19. Kimye 20. Tampon 21. Enema 22. Disappointment 23. Stain (Just don't tell him/her to "come.") 24. Deeznuts 25. Your Mom 00042734-O 26. Uranus 27. Seymour Butts 28. Al Coholic 29. Jack ("Jack, OFF!") 30. Husband 31. Pitler (So your Pit Bull has a mustache that mildly resembles one of the worst dictators of all time? Nope, don't even think about it.) 32. Stawwwwlin 33. Fire 34. One Hit Wagger 35. Jack the Ripper Russell Terrier 36. Cleveland Steamer 37. Santorum (And we're not talking about the former U.S. senator either.) 38. Rebecca Black 39. Slattern 40. Al Poochino 41. Twerk (Acceptable name for Corgis, tho.) 42. YOLO 43. Fleek 44. Bae 45. Saruman 46. Cruella de Vil (Possibly acceptable if you own a Dalmatian.) 47. Michael Vick 48. Richard III 49. Regina George 50. Christian Gray ("Mr. Gray likes leashes and biting.")

Featured image via @s.e.minegar

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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