4 Things You Should Do To Make Sure Your Dog Never Gets Lost

Written by: Regina Lizik

July 23, 2015

This post is sponsored by the humans at Whistle who care deeply about spreading the word to prevent the heartbreak of a lost pup. To learn more about keeping your pup safe at home, check out their Whistle GPS Pet Tracker!

This past January I experienced the longest five seconds of my life. I fastened a leash on my Shiba. I took him out of the car. I turned back to the car to grab something. Then I noticed that the leash was not connected to my dog.

I yelled “Oh no! Buttons!” I whipped around to find him so close behind me that I almost tripped over him. He was standing there like it was no big deal. He couldn’t figure out why I was smothering him with hugs.

buttons outside

He’s a service dog. The idea of walking away from me is a bit of a weird thought to him. What if he wasn’t a working dog? Would this freak accident of not properly fastening a leash have turned out differently?

It probably would have.

whistle photo 5

One-third of pets will get lost in their lifetime. Even more startling, 10 million pets get lost each year. That’s larger than the population of New York City.

Due to lack of microchipping and proper identification, 90% of these beloved animals will never return to their humans.

There’s no way around it, those stats are freaking scary. There are things you can do to prevent your pup from becoming a statistic.

1. Microchip your dog.

This is possibly the most important thing that you can do for your best friend. If your dog gets lost, rescuers can identify your pup, and you, via a unique identification code. They’re not only helpful for lost dogs, they can also help to return stolen pups to their rightful families.

Make sure you keep your microchip records up to date with your current address and phone number.

whistle photo 4

2. Arm your pup with a Whistle GPS Pet Tracker.

Tags and microchips are great, but they only help if someone finds your dog. What do you do if your best friend is still on the run?

Whistle will notify you if your pet ever leaves a custom safe zone, like your backyard or your house. You can instantly pull up your dog’s location on a map. It will also give you directions to the exact spot where your dog is hiding out.

You could have your pup back in a matter of minutes.

whistle 7

Nothing else can help you find your lost dog faster than Whistle. Along with microchipping, Whistle is your proactive first line of defense when it comes to keeping your entire family safe and together.

Here’s how Whistle pulls off this amazing stuff: They work with America’s most reliable cellular network to give you nationwide GPS coverage. You can find your pet no matter where you are. Monthly service plans start at $6.99 and go up to $9.99/month, making it really affordable to get peace of mind that you’ll never lose your pet again.

whistle photo 10

3. Keep tags on your dog at all times.

Many pups don’t wear collars indoors. If you have a bolter, then your BFF could end up out in the wilderness with no way to tell the world where they live. An accurate dog tag, with your contact information, will help good Samaritans contact you if they find your pup.

Remember, 90% of shelter pups don’t find their way home because rescuers can’t track down their original family.

whistle photo 9


4. Make this DIY dog collar.

There are options for identification other than dog tags. Some of us really can’t handle the clanking together of those things!

Sewing your phone number onto a collar is a simple way to let other humans know how to find you if your pup gets lost. Using a bright contrasting color will also help people see your number without getting too close to your dog. This is super important if you have a skittish pup who may run when strangers get too close.


Accidents happen. Even the most vigilant pawrent can lose their pup. These prevention tips will help you reunite with your BFF if the worst happens. And remember, the faster you find your pup, the safer he’ll be – Whistle will help you locate your pup quicker than anything else.

Feature image via Whistle.

Written by: Regina Lizik

July 23, 2015

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