This Beach Has Only One Rule. Follow It And You’ll Be Thrilled You Did.

The next time you feel like showing off your new metallic speedo at the beach in Rimini, Italy (because that’s what I assume people do on Italian beaches), don’t bother showing up unless you have your dog with you. The famous Italian beach is taking “dog-friendly” to another level, creating a beach that makes puppy frolicking not just an option, but mandatory.


Called “Rimini Dog No Problem,” the beach is only open to guests with dogs. Started by two dog-loving brothers, the beach is like a canine vacation paradise. It has a leash-free agility park, onsite vets, dog-sitting services, and even offers training/behavior classes. There are also plenty of shady areas to keep dogs from overheating and dog showers to clean them up once the day is over.

Sooo, who wants to come with me to Italy?

h/t MNN

Tiffany White

7 years ago