15 Signs You Take Dog Ownership to Another Level

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

July 24, 2015

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Us pup parents, we’re a special breed, and you should never underestimate us. When I went from dog lover to dog owner, something changed in me. Being responsible for a sweet, adorable pup who just wants to be loved forever makes you realize you want to go above and beyond to give ’em exactly that. How so? Well:

1. You always keep a watchful eye on your dog. Not just when they’re out of sight, but even when they’re sitting right next to you.


2. You know all the best dog parks in your area, what time of day is the best to visit, who your pup’s best doggy friend is, and what corners your dog prefers.


3. When you’re walking down the street with your pup, you parade them around like a proud stage parent. Because all eyes should be on the cutest, most adorable thing in the world.

strut a tut

4. You don’t celebrate your own birthday but when it comes to your dog’s you go all out.


5. You get INSANELY jealous when your pup shows another person more love than they show you.

Giving love

6. You have more selfies with your dog than Kim Kardashian has of herself.

cataloging every dog moment
7. You catalog your pup’s every single moment on their very own Instagram account. They even have a custom hashtag. #BenjiBarkington

Benji Barkington

8. The majority of your last FaceTiming sesh was with your dog…not your significant other.

facetiming dog

9. Your dog has a four-season wardrobe…


10. …and your pup was your other half to last year’s Halloween couples costume.

Australian Shepherd Zozo

11. Not only do you wish your dog could text, but if you could have it your way, they would be the only living being you interact with…ever.


12. Your dog’s opinion of new acquaintances can make or break a friendship.

dog smack

13. You’ve canceled plans with humans multiple times so you could stay home and cuddle on the couch with your dog.

giphy (1)

14. You know more about the ingredients in your dog’s food than the ingredients on your own plate.


15. Your dog has their own PERSONALIZED dog food…with their picture on the bag!

just right benji photo

While others may think of all of this as over-the-top or crazy, to us dog owners, the stuff we do for our love bugs is the very LEAST we could do for them. Why? In our eyes, they deserve the VERY BEST!

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Written by: Tasmai Uppin

July 24, 2015

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