Dog Who Has Been Passed Over By 12,000 People Is A Cuddlebug Once He Gets To Know You

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 10, 2016

For over a year, Jenas has been waiting patiently for a forever home at Dogs Trust Manchester. So why has this cute boy been looked over by over 12,000 people?

Jenas, a 2-year-old Lurcher, arrived at Dogs Trust Manchester on April 27 2015 as a stray. He has now become their longest resident to stay with them.

Jenas 2
On the Dogs Trust website, Canine Carer Katy Errock said she believes that Jenas had some bad experiences with people when he was a stray. Because of that, he gets kind of nervous around strangers.


“Consequently, when people come to the center they don’t see the best of him, which we do, and that’s probably why he hasn’t found his forever home yet. He is learning to trust again and we just need that special someone to give him a chance to have the wonderful life he deserves,” she said.

Jenas 3
Erock explained that they don’t know Jenas’ background, “but he definitely hasn’t had the best start in life. At first all he was interested in was food, which of course hadn’t been in plentiful supply as a stray. He didn’t know how to play and toys were of no interest to him.”

But that couldn’t be further from the truth now! While Jenas may get nervous around strangers, Dogs Trust Manchester stresses that Jenas has become a favorite amongst the staff. Jenas has become an adorable, sweet, playful pup who loves playing fetch, going for a walk or car ride, having his back scratched and more. He just needs the right person to see that.

Jenas 4
Jenas even made a best dog friend – Beagle Wendy – during his time at Dogs Trust Manchester. However, Wendy found a new home with staff member Lucy Marsh.

On his Dog Trust page, Jenas is described as a “big softy – I love fuss and enjoy my cuddles” and a “loveable, sweet, friendly boy” (once he gets to know you properly). He would do best in a quiet home with a very patient family with few visitors and a nice, big, secure yard.

Jenas 5
Of course, working with Jenas would take a lot of patience. But it would be totally worth it. “While Jenas is looking for a very specific home, once he gets to know you and you get to know him, he truly becomes an affectionate companion,” the site says.

If you think Jenas is the right dog for you, call 0300-303-0292 or go to the Dogs Trust rehoming center in Denton, Manchester.

Featured image via Dogs Trust
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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 10, 2016