11 Thoughts Dog People Secretly Think About Cat People

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

March 10, 2015

Ask people if they consider themselves dog people or cat people and 90% of the time you’re likely to get one or the other as an answer. Yes, occasionally you’ll get, “I’m an animal person” but that’s only cause they don’t want to take sides. #FenceSitters

Me? I’m a dog person through and through. Yes, I love all animals and yes I LIKE cats but my heart beats in woofs. If you relate to me, you probably have had the following thoughts run through your mind when you meet a self-proclaimed cat person.

1. When you meet someone for the first time and they let slip that they’re a cat person.


2. When a cat person starts talking about how awesome their cat is.


3. When you find out that your long-time friend is actually a cat person.


4. When your cat person friend is like, “My cat loves me.”

Lol no

5. When they gush about the cute thing their cat did today.


6. When they’re like, “My cat and I have so much fun together.”

Activity not

7. When they post a bunch of cat pictures on Facebook and the cat is doing NOTHING and has ONE expression: “If looks could kill…”

2015-03-10 11_41_43

8. When they yammer on about various cat parenting techniques. What’s there to PARENT? Seriously.

don't care

9. When they’re like, “Cats are totally low-maintenance.” Ummm sure if you like having poop sit in a tray for days. #Yuck


10. When they talk about how they taught their cat a “trick.” Catching a bug is NOT a trick. That’s WHAT THEY DO.


11. When they’re like, “Cats are just like dogs.”

2015-03-10 12_54_44

Here’s a fun infographic by JESS3 to illustrate why dog people and cat people are just different.


Written by: Tasmai Uppin

March 10, 2015