New Study Confirms: Being A Dog Person Makes You A Better Human

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 16, 2016

It is no secret that we think dog people are the best people. The question has always been “But how good are they?” In a new study the company BarkBox (a.k.a us) commissioned from Kelton Communications, the answer is clear: very, very good.

In an online survey of over 1,000 Americans, we found that folks who had a dog were selfless, loving, and, unsurprisingly, a little bit quirky. Turns out our dogs were right about us all along! We are the coolest. Here are 12 reasons why.

1. We have zero boundaries.


Over 43% of people said that they let their dog follow them into the bathroom, and 33% have *gotten down* while their dog was in the room. The only real shock there is that the numbers weren’t higher. If you watch your dog poop everyday, it seems only fair that you return the favor.

2. No one is comfortable until the dog is comfortable.

Of the folks who share a bed with their dog, over a third reported that they will do anything to make sure their pup is a happy slumberer. This even includes letting their dog sprawl out while they are pushed to the edge of the bed. Over half said that they put up with a dog snoring, but would not do the same for a fellow human. We consistently sacrifice our beauty sleep for their cutie sleep.

3. Nobody messes with our mother-puppin clique.


Dog parents are almost as loyal as literal dogs. About 1 in 4 parents insist that their dog squad come to social events, or even plan gatherings that center around their pup. Over 20% of people have thrown a birthday party for their canine BFF. Ain’t no party like a puppy party because a puppy party is FULL OF PUPPIES. DUH.

4. We be working on our fitness.


Having a dog is like having a constant workout buddy–a workout buddy that will be very upset if you cancel because you’re too hungover. About 83% of respondents agree that their dog has made them more active and that they determine their exercise routine based on their dog’s needs.

5. We got our emotions on lock.


We are lucky enough to have a personal therapist on call 24/7. While it is still important to have a human support system, 85% of dog people say that their pet has gotten them through difficult times, and about 83% consider their dog to be their best friend. How your dog just *gets* what it’s like to go through a breakup is still unclear.

6. We’ll give it up for our pup.


An unwavering 90% of dog parents would sacrifice nearly anything for a month if it made their pet happier. This includes alcohol (57%), Netflix (49%), coffee (42%), sex (30%), and even taking a shower (13%). We love dogs too, but please take a shower.

7. Our generosity knows no bounds.


Whether it be buying new toys or literally moving to be closer to a dog park, 97% of people are willing to go out of their way to do something that will bring their dog joy. When 93% of people look forward to seeing their dog when they get home, it make sense that they’d rather not show up empty-handed.

8. If you want to be our lover, you gotta get with our dog.


We. Love. Our. Dogs. So much so that 71% of people said they would rather spend an hour with their dog than the president of the United States. Anyone who wants to join the pack, must understand that our dogs come first. Over half of dog parents would rather engage in PDA with their dog than with their significant other and a similar amount would bring their dog on first dates. You just can’t love us without loving our fuzz butts.

9. We take time to smell the roses (until our dog pees on them.)



After becoming a dog parent, 71% of people reported being an all around happier person. This affects all aspects of our lives, even down to waking up in the morning. One in four people say that having a pupper makes it easier to avoid the snooze button because they look forward to greeting the day with their dog.

10. Patience is a virtue, so color us virtuous.


Over half of people say that having a dog has made them more patient. If you’ve ever waited in the rain for your dog to find the perfect place to poop, you know why.

11. You need something done right? Ask a dog person.


It takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment to care for a whole other life. It can be difficult to get yourself dressed in the morning, let alone dress your pup, which 45% of us regularly do. As such, it is to be expected that more than half of people say they are more responsible since becoming a dog parent.


12. We are #squadgoals.


Our dogs are friendly and so are we. Almost 30% of people are more social because of their dog. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve. We wear them at the end of a leash.

So congratulations, dog people of America. You are kind, generous, thoughtful, and responsible. Of thee I sing.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 16, 2016

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