This Pup Photographer Captures The Secret World Of Dog Parks

Sure, watching our dog play with others is fun, but aren't you dying to know what it's really like to be a pup frolicking around at the dog park? This guy does. Although no magic spell will "Freaky Friday"-switch us with our dog (at least, not yet), we luckily have the next best thing: a GoPro-wearing dog photographer, Tula, to live vicariously through. The four-year-old rescue and therapy dog wears her GoPro everywhere she goes, making us feel like we're living a fantastic four-legged life ourselves. Check out our picks of Tula's best Go Pro pics (so far), and then head on over to Tula's Instagram for the most in-depth look at dogs you've ever seen! [bp_related_article]
Featured image via @caninehappyhour/Instagram
H/T to Bored Panda

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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