Amazing Portrait Photographer Turns Dogs Into Supermodels

Serena Hodson, a former graphic designer from Australia, has always had a love for dogs but “strangely…never had a desire to become a photographer,” she says. That’s hard to believe, just take a look at the photographs she takes now:


How did she go from not having a desire to become a photographer to shooting these stunning photos? “I guess it all started around 7 years ago,” she says. “I wanted to photograph my dogs while we were away on holiday.” Serena walked into a store and bought an entry level DSLR camera, and the rest is history.

Rocco, her first dog, was a gorgeous Bull Mastiff that she began photographing just for fun. “He had the patience of a saint with me and my camera. Rocco was my muse and how I learned photography.” She really enjoyed the relationship she was capturing with her dogs while taking photographs of them, which eventually developed into what her work is all about today.

Dinner Time

Aside from taking gorgeous photographs for clients, Serena has a few pups of her own. Ralph and Henri are a pair of Mini Dachshunds who she borrows from her sister for cuddles and photos. “Ralph was one of the first models of my work. He is incredibly greedy and will do anything for a treat so he is easily manipulated into working the camera.” I’m sure many of you who have tried to catch your pups’ attention for photos can relate!

Simon, Serena’s 4 year old British Bulldog, brings a playful comedic energy into her photos. “He is addicted to the camera and loves working his diva for it.” Serena loves to capture his sweet and tender personality. “Simon is my best mate and I would be lost forever if my life didn’t have Simon in it.”


With so many pups to practice her photography with, Serena has really developed a polished and beautiful style. “My goal is to make images of those that are unforgettable and make people feel joyful and fall in love with dogs over and over again.” And how could you not fall in love with the beautiful dogs that are captured in her stunning work?

Serena will be releasing her first book, titled Dogservations, in September. “I’m so excited about this book. It is so full of love and joy.”

The future holds many great things for this talented photographer, from publishings to photography licensing worldwide, but most all, Serena says “I want to keep shooting and creating.”

You can find more of Serena’s work on her website and Facebook.

Emily Wang

8 years ago