10 Polls That Give Surprising Insight Into The Lives Of Dog People

The folks over at DogChannel runs regular polls to learn about their dog-loving readers. Topics range from serious to scientific to silly. Here's a roundup of some cool ones! 1. Do you call yourself a "Dog Mom"? dog mom poll 2. Is your couch fur-free? dog on furniture poll 3. Could your dog be the next Dolly the Sheep? clone dog 4. Sleeping arrangements? dog in bed poll 5. Who's walking whom? walk style poll 6. Are you in a dog house? dog theme item poll 7. Pluto got robbed. cartoon dog poll 8. But do you floss? teeth poll 9. Let it gooooooo... frozen dog poll 10. What are you binge-pawtching? dog show poll
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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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