Caught In The Act! How DNA Testing Is Changing The Way People Pick Up Their Pup’s Poop

A criminal was on the loose in the Midtown Alexandria Station condos in Alexandria, VA. He (or she) had left evidence in the parking lot AND evidence in the elevator. Yet no one had any idea who the perpetrator was. The crime? DOG POOP--and someone wasn't cleaning up after their pup! [caption id="attachment_32153" align="aligncenter" width="508"]Image via PooPrints Image via PooPrints[/caption] Then the residents had a brainwave. What if there was a way to not only find out exactly which neighbor's dog had left the offending pile, AND also make them pay (financially...although one case in 2011 did end up in court). The Alexandria condo complex decided to catch offending pup perps with the most sophisticated of technology: DNA testing. [caption id="attachment_32152" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Collecting a PooPrints sample.  Image via Washington Post Collecting a PooPrints sample.
Image via Washington Post[/caption] After one good (or extra-zealous) soul collected samples from all of the condo dogs, they were sent off to be registered with a Tennessee company called PooPrints. PooPrints was then able to test any future offending...leavings... against the samples and match them with the offending condo dog (and owner). Sounding a bit crazy? Perhaps, but it worked. According to Joe Gillmer, the Alexandria Station board vice president, they only had to run ONE test and people got the message. Now, the residents are scared poo-less of being caught not cleaning up after their canine. Pretty impressive for a building with more than 60 doggies. [caption id="attachment_32154" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Image via PooPrints Image via PooPrints[/caption] Why, however, do people need to be threatened with poo-secution in order to pick up their dog's deposits? Whatever their reasons (or lack thereof) luckily there are now companies such as PooPrints to ensure that those that don't clean up after their pets answer for their crimes!
h/t to The Washington Post
Feature Image via Beethead Media

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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