That Moment When You Realize You Don’t Have A Poop Bag

If you ask any pup parent about the poop adventures they’ve had with their pup, oh the stories you will hear! We conducted some very scientific research to find out some of the most creative ways dog moms and dads stay true to their doody duty and scoop that poop when there’s nary a bag in sight.


Some other more unique ones we heard are below for you to enjoy in all their icky glory.

1. “One random red high heel that was on the sidewalk on a saturday morning.” — Jenny

2. “An “It’s your lucky day!” promo menu to Lucky Dragon Chinese.” — Daniel

3. “My flip flop 🙁 ” — Samantha

4. “Two rocks…. Didn’t work out too well.” — Lindsay

If you’ve had to be resourceful and resort to alternate methods for your poo picking endeavors feel free to share them in the comments below!

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago