11 Dogs With Ridiculously Dramatic Pooping Faces

Note: Those who don't enjoy the scatological probably won't enjoy this post. You've been duly warned. One of the weirdest rituals we have with our dogs is watching each other poop. Even if you close your bathroom door, you know they're usually waiting on the other side, politely returning the favor for all the times you've stood by as they relieve themselves. So you probably know your dog's poop face. Especially if he stares right at you as he drops a chocolate loaf. 1. "I just feel like my life is one endless cycle of pooping and eating." white-dog-pooping 2. "The world is watching me. I can't deal." puppy-poop-snow 3. "I know how many poop bags you have. I have that many poopies. Plus one." dog_pooping_1 4. "WHAT IS HAPPENING. I'M SORRY I ATE YOUR SANDWICH." 10666030_792249890826799_1842609704_n (1) 5. "Ah, yes. The sweet release. The feeling of emptiness." #blessed smiling-poop-face 6. "You're next." poop-serious 7. "Make sure you tweet this to that cathole across the street. And his human, too." 10950600_817095948361872_1233332890_n 8. "Poop: The new banana peel." poop 9. "Darn it! You caught me!" digsby-poo-face 10. "This one's for all my haters who accuse me of not keeping it real. IS THIS REAL ENOUGH FOR YOU, BEVERLY?!" pom-poop-face 11. "I wish I'd brought my phone with me. I could so be on reddit right now." dramatic-poop-featured
Featured image via Dogs Pooping

Nicole Zalat

7 years ago

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