Gardener Was Fed Up With Dog Pee In His Plants, So He Invented A Pup Porta-Potty

Though rent in New York City is through the ruff, Brooklyn dogs now have a pot to piss in. [bp_related_article] Park Slope neighborhood resident Jon Crow created "Doggie Spots" as a way to protect his carefully tended trees and flowers. The portable potties are constructed of kiddie pools or plastic saucer sleds filled with soil, gravel, and sod. Doggie Spots are a hit with local pups and humans. brooklyn_dog_grass__2 Crow maintains that with proper maintenance (watering, mowing, draining) the Spots don't smell. He even encourages his human neighbors to enjoy what Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams called "the borough's smallest dog parks." “You can sit on the grass,” Crow told the New York Post. “They’re lawns; you’re supposed to walk on them. Take your shoes off, walk around.” It sounds gross, but who knows what's on a regular-sized lawn, right?
Featured image via Dennis A. Clark
h/t New York Post

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago

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