This Crazy Vest Lets Your Dog Take Pictures And Post To Facebook With A Tail Wag

We love our dogs so much, we've created Facebook pages JUST so they can "tell" the world what they're thinking. A fun social media tool, but one that understandably puts the human in the driver's seat. Recognizing that flaw, Pedigree and Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid have created the perfect way to capture every moment your pet would want to share with the world. Introducing, The Posting Tail. The posting tail This unique vest uses your dog's "happy" tail wag to trigger the camera to take a picture of whatever they're doing---playing with a toy, getting a treat, or just seeing your face. Then poof! it'll upload instantly to your dog's page.
The core of this product is located in the sensor connected to your pup's tail, which allows the "Raspberry Pi" computer board to decipher the difference between a normal tail wag and a happy tail wag. This way it won't be taking pictures willy-nilly. dalm takes a pic The WiFi Dongle 3G uploads the photos via any 3G service, and the GPS inside can pinpoint the dog's exact location at the moment the picture is taken. The posting tail While this isn't the first setup to allow your pet to take pictures, its capability to upload them to Facebook has us giving it four paws up! Pedigree has not announced a price or when the product will be available to the public, but we will keep you posted when it arrives at

Feature Image and H/T: Pedigree

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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