14 Dog Puns That Are So Corny, They’ll Give You A Serious Case Of The Giggles

If you're a word nerd and a dog lover like I am, you'll find these dog puns particularly amusing. From the silly to the downright hilarious, these dog puns are gleaned from the fabulous and deep world of pun-filled Tumblr. 1. This Lab who's very serious about science and school.
2. This pup who's over this long, bitter winter already.
3. This Pug getting ready for spring break.
4. These two huge Jurassic Park heads
5. This Lab who's very into Norse mythology.
6. This Journey lover. Pun 7. This shark with a wiener problem.
8. This corgtastic map of Corglandia.
Corgi pun
9. This specialty chef.
10. This Fifty Shades Of Grey fan.
11. This high-maintenance pup.
12. This dog who's over the work week already.
bull dog pun
13. This Wiener who just can't stay put. Doxie funny pic 14. And the evergreen puntastic husky for the win!
Featured image via Uproxx

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Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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