This Homeless Dog Was Rescued From Railroad Tracks Just In Time

Written by: Nicole Zalat

August 27, 2014

When Los Angeles animal rescue organization Hope For Paws got a call about an abandoned dog living dangerously close to railroad tracks, they found this little guy huddled against a fence.


Warned that the skittish pup ran away from anyone who approached him, and afraid he’d run onto the active tracks, the Hope For Paws team avoided eye contact with the terrified dog while getting close enough to restrain the dog.

Not sure whether to trust these strangers, this pup (who was later named Finn) lashed out in fear, threatening to bite his rescuers. With some patience, Finn soon realized these kind humans weren’t giving up so easily, and he allowed rescuer Lisa to pick him up. Just a few moments after, the Hope For Paws team looked back to see a train passing right through the area Finn had once called home.


With just a bath,


a nap,


and some love from a fellow rescued pup,


Finn was back to being the happy rambunctious fluffball he was meant to be. He was fostered by Lisa until Bark N’ Bitches Dog Boutique/Jimi’s Angels Rescue found him a furever home.


And boy, is this pup happy to finally be home! Check out the video of his rescue to see him literally jumping for joy.

To see more heartwarming stories about dogs like Finn, check Hope For Paws out on YouTube and Facebook.

Written by: Nicole Zalat

August 27, 2014