28 Dog Reaction GIFs for Every Work, Home, and Family Situation

Written by: Stacie Grissom

May 23, 2013

Forget about eCards and emoticons. In today’s Internet world, what’s the proper way to express emotion? GIFs. Dog GIFs, specifically. (Cats are sooo 2012, right?) Below is a handy-dandy guide for all of your emotion-to-GIF needs.

28.This goes to your mom when she tells you something disgusting you don’t want to hear. ie: “The dog pooped on your pillowcase this morning” or “You forgot to unload the dishwasher.”



27. This goes to your friend when you RSVP “yes” to their upcoming par-tayyy.



26. This goes to your friend when they tell you a really, really, really long boring story.

alll nighter


25.This goes to your boss when she/he tells you you got a promotion and raise.



24. This goes to your mom when you realize she’s asking if you want to go get ice cream instead of cleaning the toilet.


23. This goes to your BFF when they tell you a particularly salacious piece of gossip.


22. This goes to your roommate after you accidentally ate something of theirs in the fridge.

when youve done something wrong

21. This goes to the person who offers you cupcakes when you’re on a diet.

when you're on a diet

20. This goes to that person who keeps piling more and more work on you…


19. This goes to irrationally stubborn friend who refuses to buy anything other than 1-ply toilet paper even though they know it’s total crap.

when you really dont feel like doing anything

18. This goes to your coworker when they send you an incredibly boring and tedious meeting invite in 15 minutes.

when things dont go as planned

17. This goes to your significant other when you tell them that all you want to do is go home, sit on the couch, and watch Game of Thrones from sunset to sunrise.




16. This goes to someone who has just given you the best news evarrr.


15. This goes to the gem of a human who played your favorite song at that party.


14. This goes to your toddler when you want to show them how silly they looked throwing a temper tantrum in the candy aisle at the supermarket.


13. This goes to anyone who gives you a hurtful or terrifying feeling that threatens your very moral fiber while you happen to be inside a glass case of emotion.


12. This goes to your friend when you’ve been arguing about the same thing for the past 30 minutes.


11. This goes to your friend who asked how you’re feeling after that frat party last night.

too lazy to walk

10. This goes to your little brother who sticks his face 9 inches from your face and chants, “I’m not touching you I’m not touching you I’m not touching you…”

shut up

9. This goes to your older brother… Because he’s had it coming for a while since he asked you if he had a hole in the back of his jeans and the proceeded to fart in your face.


8. This goes to the creeper who repeatedly asks you out and won’t take a hint.

please stop talking

7. This goes to your nemesis who took credit for some of your work during the team meeting.


6. Send this to everyone you know on Wednesdays. (Tis hump day after all.)


5. This goes to your mom when she asks you to clean the toilet.


4. This goes to your coworkers at 5pm on Fridays.


3. Send this to anyone who tells you your outfit isn’t cool. “Betch, I’m fabulousssss.”


2. This goes to the coworker who’s taking too long in the bathroom.


1. And this goes to your daughter/son/roommate/significant other who won’t get off the computer and go to bed.

get off the computer







Annnnnd this is for your friend that keeps sending you GIFs instead of expressing real emotion.







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Written by: Stacie Grissom

May 23, 2013

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