Dog Who Refused To Fight For Her Original Owner Has A Spirit That “Cannot Be Broken”

Written by: Ellyn Kail

March 29, 2016

Bailey has suffered the worst kind of abuse at the hands of human beings, and still, when she sees a friendly face, she cries out with joy and rolls over to show her belly.


Many would not have survived what Bailey has, but in the words of volunteer Patti Sansosti, “Her spirit cannot be broken.”


For her first few months of life, Bailey lived as a stray. She was only a small puppy when she was taken to a town shelter near Lutz, Florida. She waited for nine painful months, overlooked by all potential adopters until she was at high risk for euthanasia.


With time running out at the shelter, she was adopted for free to a man who intended to keep her outside as protection. Sansosti, who had nursed her back to health, was immediately wary of the situation, and she gave her personal information to Bailey’s adopter with the instruction to contact her if anything happened to the young and vulnerable dog.


Two days later, Patti received the call that changed everything. Unable to afford to take Bailey to the vet himself, the man phoned and informed the volunteer that Bailey was gravely injured. When they met in a Target parking lot, Patti saw to her horror that Bailey’s leg had been torn all the way to the bone.


Bailey had been put in a dog fight. She was gentle and submissive, without a violent bone in her body, and she had been ripped apart in the ring. Patti brought her into surgery, and slowly, the vets were able to put the pieces back together.


Over the next month of legal proceedings, Bailey was kept in quarantine and was not allowed any contact with anyone, including Patti, the person she trusted most. Bailey’s adopter was a meth user, and he used Bailey in the fight in hopes of getting the cash to feed his addiction.


Patti won legal custody of Bailey, but when she brought her home to live with her family, Bailey was attacked by one of Patti’s other dogs. Because of Bailey’s brutal past and the risk of further harm, Patti had no choice but to look for other options for the dog she loved so dearly.


Bailey has been living the past few months in a small kennel in a boarding facility. Although staff members take wonderful care of her, Bailey feels alone and isolated inside the wooden walls. She has no one to call her own, when she hears the voices of people she knows, she moans and whines to herself, hoping she will have some company.

Bailey Shoppin N Testin Toys!Happy Friday everybody! Today is gonna be a good day, right? U R gonna have a happy fun happy happy day today n then the weekend will be here n you will have even more fun! Know why? Cuz U can sleep in n U can go outside n play n you can spend time with people U wuv cuz it will be the weekend! Me, too! I will get sprung n go for a ride in the car n play outside n probly go shoppin n go for a long, long walk n play ball n get my belly rubbed! Yippeee! I wuv wuv wuv weekends! I hope U do, too. Guess what? I see that many people R sharin me! N U are part of the many people so I want to say thank U for sharin me to help me find a home n thank U for wuvin me so much! I don’t have a home yet but I am thinkin postiv n know with U sharin me that someone is gonna see me n not have any furries in their home n they will say, “I wuv Bailey n I don’t have any furries n I just know she is posed to be with me so I want to ‘dopt’ her n wuv her forever n ever!” Yep, I think that’s gonna happen! 😉 So I am gonna throw U lots n lots of mooches now, OK? Get ready to catch em cuz here they come…..Muuuuuaaaaahhhhhh! Hugs, too! XOXOXOXO Member, I wuv U!

Posted by Bailey’s Hopeful Journey on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quite simply, says Patti, “This is no life for a dog.” Bailey loves her weekend walks and shopping trips with Patti, but more than anything, she longs to be in the presence of people. Even after all mankind has done to her, she trusts completely.


Because Bailey is so unconditionally trusting, Patti has been deeply discouraged by the fact that many who have shown interest in adopting Bailey have criminal backgrounds and are unsuitable to provide a safe home. Every single night, Patti prays “extra hard” that someone is out there waiting to find Bailey, and wanting to give her the love and the home she never had.

Bailey Birthday Shoppin!Happy Monday everybody! U have a fun n happy weekend? R U ready for a new week? I hear some humans say they don’t like Mondays but I don’t know why. Maybe cuz some humans haz to get up early n go to work so they can buy food to feed children n furries? We wuv them for doin that! 🙂 I hope U have a happy Monday n no problems today. I want everything to be just right for U cuz I wuv U. I told U I would show U one of my birthday presents I picked out when I went shoppin. Here it is! I had so much fun celebratin! I got more presents, too n will show U them tomorrow, OK? I tried to have nother Birthday but Patti said we only get to have 1 a year n she was glad bout that cuz she is already old n if she had more than 1 Birthday a year she would be too old to walk me! I told her 1 Birthday a year is OK then! 🙂 Guess what? I want to thank U for all my ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes. Patti gave me lots of hugs n mooches n said some were from U! 🙂 Thank U! Maybe some people don’t want to have lots of Birthdays but I wuv shoppin n presents so I wuv lots of Birthdays, too! 🙂 Get ready for U know what! Here they come…….Muuuuaaaaahhhhhhhhh! XOXOXOXOXOX Have a fun n happy happy day today n member…..I wuv U. 🙂

Posted by Bailey’s Hopeful Journey on Monday, March 7, 2016

Bailey is good with children, but she cannot be in a home with other pets, as she has been traumatized by attacks from other dogs.

Bailey has suffered much, but even when her life hung by a thread, she refused to give up. After more than two years of being passed over, forgotten, and worse, Bailey still believes in the goodness of humankind. You can see it in the way she jumps in the air when she’s taken on walks, in the smile on her face.


Please consider adopting Bailey or donating toward her care. If you think you might be Bailey’s person, please contact Patti Sansosti via the Facebook page Bailey’s Hopeful Journey or by telephone at (813) 679-1120.

Featured image via Bailey’s Hopeful Journey

Written by: Ellyn Kail

March 29, 2016

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