Brave Humans Risk Everything To Rescue Stray Dog From Biohazard Disposal Center

Although he only weighs ruff-ly seven pounds, Angelo's got more than his fair share of fight. When rescue organization Hope for Paws learned that there was a homeless dog living in a trench outside of a biohazard disposal facility, they swooped in -- only to find the pup was too terrified to be rescued. Not deterred by a little snarling, Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli came back two days in a row. angelo 2 Hours, treats, and a burger later, Angelo finally allowed his rescuers to lay their paws on him. After living on his own for Dog knows how long, Angelo took quickly to human kindness and wagged goodbye to his life on the streets. Check out the video of his rescue below! Angelo is young, smart and full of energy; he loves both humans and other dogs and is looking for a furever home. If you live in or near Valencia, California and are looking for an adorable addition to your family, check out Angelo and the other pups Hope for Paws has up for adoption here. You can also make a donation to help Hope for Paws continue their mission of rescuing animals from negligence and abuse.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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