Miracle Cockapoo Rescued Uninjured After Falling Down A Quarry

This Cockapoo is not messing around! Ralf fell 40 ft. down a quarry near Plymouth, UK on March 26 and was completely uninjured during the incident. He was, however, unable to free himself, so the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team as well as a specialist rescue team from Camels Head fire station at Rutt Farm in Ivybridge came to get him out. Crew manager Murray from Camels Head fire station told the Plymouth Herald:
[He] had someone fallen down the quarry and become stuck, though [he] wasn't injured. The ground was very overgrown and thick with rhododendrons so we sent someone down to retrieve it.
The brave pooch was later returned, safe and sound, to his owner. Keep calm and carry on, Ralf. And maybe don't fall into anymore quarries.
Featured image via Torquay Herald Express & Plymouth Herald
H/t Plymouth Herald

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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