Now You Can Take Your Dog Out For A Romantic Sushi Meal At This Exclusive Dog-Friendly Eatery

Written by: Tiffany White

August 13, 2015

Hey, uh, that sushi you’re holding? You know, the one you’re holding right now between your chopsticks? That sushi was made for a dog, and you should probably drop it right now before that dog gets mad. You see, the scrumptious food found on the menu of The Dog Chef Cafe might look like they’re for humans, but they’re for dogs only. So hands off, human!


Created by chef Kevyn Matthew, The Dog Chef Cafe specializes in four-star meals made just for your pooch. Some of the things on the menu include dog-friendly ceasar salad, beef stew, tarts, frozen treats, and yep, even sushi. The dog sushi is made out of quinoa, egg yolk, veggies, and fish. And yes, it’s awesome.


If you don’t think your dog is spoiled enough, head over to the The Dog Chef Cafe and treat your dog to a five-star meal. And don’t feel too bad about not eating anything. Maybe your dog will share?


Featured image via Dog Chef Cafe

H/t Huffington Post

Written by: Tiffany White

August 13, 2015