Dog Thought To Be Dead Miraculously Revived After Being Pulled From Fire

Reviewed by Kellie Stevens

February 13, 2016

It was every pet owners’ worst nightmare last Sunday in Vancouver, B.C., when a dog was trapped inside a burning apartment.


According to Batt. Chief Peter Bridge, the dog (a Golden Retriever mix) was believed to be deceased when they pulled him out and took him downstairs from the second floor apartment where the fire originated. Through quick thinking and their medical training, they were able to revive the dog using an oxygen (bag valve) mask.

Dog Saved From Fire

The Vancouver Fire & Rescue has been looking into purchasing pet oxygen masks but did not have any on hand at the time. Instead, they cut a human oxygen mask in half to fit over the dog’s snout and used it to restore oxygen to the blood. Chief Bridge stated that it took about 20 minutes to revive the dog and that it was “quite surprising” considering he was unconscious and thought to be dead when he was rescued.

Vancouver Fire & Rescue cut a human oxygen mask in half to save the dog's life.

The Vancouver Sun reported that the owners of the dog were home at the time but couldn’t escape with the dog, however Chief Bridge noted in the video that the owners had stepped out for about 30 minutes and came home to find smoke escaping their apartment windows. While the cause of the fire was still being investigated at the time of the report, CTV News Vancouver released a statement from the owner of the building that the tenants left incense burning while they were away and the dog had knocked it over with his tail. Sources could not be reached for more information or to confirm.

The dog was transported to a vet after he was revived to be checked and was expected to be fine. As you can see from the video with his wagging tail, he was in good spirits and excited to go for a ride!

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Featured Image via Ryan Stelting/The Vancouver Sun
H/t to The Vancouver Sun & CTV News Vancouver

Reviewed by Kellie Stevens

February 13, 2016