Buried’ Dog Mysteriously Rises From The Grave And Returns Home

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

May 29, 2015

In the list of ‘pup parent nightmares,’ going on vacation and returning to find that your beloved BFF has died ranks rather high.

That is exactly what happened to Deirdre Cole and her family. They had left both of their pups, Fawn and Fern, with pet sitter Susan Truscott of Best Friends Critter Sitter. Upon returning from their vacation, Susan told Deirdre that her beloved Fawn had died in her sleep. Susan and her boyfriend said that they buried the small pup in their yard.

fawn cole

Two weeks later, Deirdre came across a Facebook post from Cookville/Putnam County Animal Shelter for an adoptable dog that looked exactly like Fawn.


When Deirdre walked into the rescue, it was clear by the pup’s excited reaction that she had found her supposedly dead dog.

Fawn was thought to be a stray when she was brought to the shelter. Despite having two large gashes on her back legs, the pup was her entertaining self, bringing joy to everyone at the shelter.

fawn cole 2

Everyone in the Cole family is thrilled to have Fawn back home, especially Fern.

Susan has yet to explain Fawn’s mysterious rise from the grave. However, according to Deirdre’s Yelp review, she believes Susan lost the dog and Fawn’s death was a cover story.

Whatever the case, Fawn is home and healthy. That’s all that matters.

h/t The Dodo.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

May 29, 2015