Washington Nationals’ Player Drives Cross Country With His English Bulldog

Washington Nationals' pitcher Blake Treinen lives in Washington state during the offseason. That means when it comes time for spring training, he has to pack up his life and head all the way cross country to Florida. Everyone knows that when it comes time for adventure, it's always way more fun with man's best friend as your copilot.
Maxx gets ready for his big trip.
i On Super Bowl Sunday, Treinen fired up his pickup truck, grabbed his English Bulldog, Maxx, and hit the open road. Traveling with a Bulldog tends to have its quieter moments -- when Maxx naps, he really naps. Treinen tries to roll him, flick his legs, and bounce him but he doesn't budge, just like a typical Bulldog. He really enjoys his snorefests!
Staring at some scraps at Treinen's parents' home in Kansas.
i Poor Maxx is a momma's boy (but he says not to tell anyone!) so when he's on the road with Treinen, he sometimes won't eat for a few days because he's so attached to Treinen's wife, Katie. When the hunger really hits though, Maxx opens up those big Bulldog eyes as wide as he can and gets plenty of scraps, from Washington to Florida and everywhere in between!
Have you gone on any memorable road trips with your pup? Let us know in the Comments section below!
Featured Image via ESPN

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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