Bees Are In Danger, And She’s The Only Dog Who Can Help

Written by: Katie Haller

November 5, 2015

This is Klinker. She seems like your average pup, but she is actually the ONLY dog qualified in the U.S. to sniff out one of the most destructive honeybee diseases out there.


You’re probably wondering, why do we even need bees?


Don’t they just ruin our BBQ’s and make our limbs swell up? I mean, yes. BUT, you wouldn’t have anything to cook at your BBQ if it weren’t for bees.


Honeybees are most important pollinators of many of fruits and vegetables. Of 100 crop species that provide 90% of our global food supply, 71 are bee-pollinated. So basically the fewer bees we have, the less available food is, and the more expensive it gets. THAT MEANS YOUR SALADS GOING TO BE CRAZY EXPENSIVE!!


That’s where Klinker comes in.


She has a unique ability to sniff out a bacteria called American foulbrood and it is threatening our bee colonies (and our wallets). Typically when American foulbrood is discovered, it’s too late to save the bees and the colonies have to be burned down. This is extremely costly.


Klinker has the rare ability to detect this bacteria before it spreads, which is why her services are in high demand. She can sniff up to 1,000 bee colonies a DAY. That is INSANE. Talk about a BUSY BEE AM I RIGHT?

Here’s more about why this pup is such a hero:

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Featured image via ohmidog! and Maryland Public Television

Written by: Katie Haller

November 5, 2015