Pittie Made Of Pure “Happiness And Light” Desperately Needs A Second Chance

Written by: Ellyn Kail

March 18, 2016

***Update 3/21/2016***

Johnnie was saved by Looking Glass Animal Rescue. Please consider donating to his care. Please also consider donating to the NYC ACC so that they can continue to care for the thousands of dogs who come through their doors.

***Original Post***

Johnnie loves people so much that he never stops wagging his tail. In his kennel at the Animal Care Center of New York City, he spends every second wagging at people who walk by, to the extent that the end of his tail bleeds from hitting the walls so frequently.


Johnnie cherishes life and every ounce of kindness he receives, but sadly, he has grown ill with kennel cough at the shelter, and if he’s not adopted or rescued, he’ll be euthanized tomorrow.


Johnnie was surrendered eleven days ago by his beloved former human through no fault of his own. He had to say goodbye to his best friend, an eight-year-old child, and despite being surrendered, Johnnie trusts with abandon. When he sees someone approach with a leash in hand, he stands on his back legs, dancing on tippy toes to express his delight.


Since the shelter doesn’t have the resources to address Johnnie’s illness, which can become pneumonia if it goes untreated, they will euthanize him to make room for more dogs. He is about four years old and he is housebroken with impeccable manners, yet no one has shown an interest in saving him.


Johnnie’s spirit hasn’t been broken while in shelter, nor has his kennel cough dampened his love of people. A volunteer close to Johnnie compares him to the sun itself, saying that he is the true embodiment of “happiness and light.” Even with less than 24 hours on the clock, Johnnie understands that his life is worth living.


Where most dogs grow deeply depressed or anxious in the shelter, Johnnie has shown nothing but gratitude for the people who take the time to give him even the tiniest bit of attention. He is, despite everything, a happy dog.


Dogs are euthanized every day without the world knowing they ever existed, but Johnnie’s inexorable desire to live deserves the chance to be recognized. Johnnie has no way of understanding that today might very well be his last day to play, to give kisses, and to wiggle his body back and forth with joy, so for now, he continues to smile.


If you think you might be Johnnie’s savior, please do not wait. Contact the Animal Care Center of New York City at via their Facebook page before it’s too late. You can also go to the public at risk site and follow the directions here. You may absolutely pledge a donation on the ACC Facebook page to entice a rescue, but what Johnnie needs most now is a place to go. He still has a chance, but he will die at 12 PM EST tomorrow if no one steps forward.

Written by: Ellyn Kail

March 18, 2016