11 Things Your Dog Is Thinking When It Sees You Naked

We’ve all had it happen: you disrobe in the privacy of your bedroom or leave the shower only to turn around and find four furry paws and two prying eyes behind you. You’re embarrassed. But it’s just your dog, so why should you be? But even after years of living with a beloved pup, there’s still something off-putting about getting caught in the nude by your best friend. As mortified as you may be in that moment, here’s what’s probably going through their mind: 1. "For Pete’s sake, put on something decent! Like a collar!" 12558678_842900669189983_1071972682_n 2. "If I stare directly into their eyes, they won’t be weirded out…" 11098715_907397342651470_2048823577_n 3. "Don’t. Sniff. Anything." 10413926_921353121314168_366096351_n [bp_related_article] 4. "Tilting my head only makes it look worse." 1725322_910466972401430_1597294763_n 5. "You call that fur?" 12530747_223286191340434_1759472281_n 6. "They look just as silly without clothes as I do with clothes." 10666220_507885252725476_742563749_n 7. "Only two nipples? Lame." 12750122_1549140328712700_1046769566_n 8. "Is that what I’d look like shaved?" 1688725_563707930404017_992150674_n 9. "It’s like they’re made of chew toys." 10175094_1506293133010234_1004639993_n 10. "They could really use a tail." 10817868_1032635993442704_518551560_n 11. "Screw it, I’m gonna sniff somethin’." 12543089_478014999055601_1157935305_n Featured image via Flickr

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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