24 Epic Dogshaming Pics: Claws Of Doom Edition

Chewing and drooling are all things you’ve been told to expect from your dog. On the other hand, tearing through the living room carpet and reupholstering the curtains are things you maybe weren’t as pawpared for. These dogs took no mercy when it came to tearing things up. While we would never encourage bad doggie behavior, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit we enjoyed these photos just a littleeeee bit. ;) Want your DogShaming live? Camio will let you peek at your pups by turning any tablet, computer, or smartphone into a home monitoring camera. 1. The Dirty Dog a51 2. The Mat Manic s30

3. The Brick Breaker

s14 4. The Kitty Poo Lover s18 5. The Window Watcher s20 6. The Diva s22 7. The Hangry Dog s23 8. The Wedding Crasher s24 9. “What’d you except me to do in there? Sleep?” s29 10. “No thumbs, no pawblem. ;)” s33 11. The Heartbreaker s34 12. The Shaggy Dog s35 13. Three's Company s39 14. "No cage can hold me back!" s42 15. "We swear to dog it wasn't us." s43 16. The Muddy Puppy s45 17. “Bug! Did someone say bug?!” s46 18. The Garden Dog s52 19. The Mischievous Pupper  s54

20. Bed Destroyer

s55 21. The Geographically Confused s65 22. “Dogs are not meant for bathrooms. Fact.” s69 23. “Sorry, I’m a nervous digger.” s66

24. The Renovation Ruver


All images via Dog Shaming

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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