15 Adorable Pups Who Take This Shark Week Thing Literally

New species alert! The Shark Dog has been spotted on both land and sea! Its mission — to get you pumped for Shark Week. The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2016 kicked off June 26. Check out their official site here. Get excited!

1. The Longhaired DachShark

shark week dog

2. The Great Blue Shark

Shark Week Dog

3. The Park Shark

4. The DachShark


5. The Shark-A-Poo

Dogs Dressed Up For Shark Week

6. The Doggie Paddle Shark


7. The Great Yellow Shark

8. The German Shephark


9. Sand Sharks

10. The Hammer Head

11. The Sharki

12. The Shug


13. The Common Kitchen Shark


14. The Big Fin


15. The Captain


Featured image via @wallythewelshcorgi

Meg Scanlon

7 years ago

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