Everything You Need To Know Before Leaving Your Dog With A Sitter

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 15, 2016

Whether you’ll be sipping mimosas over a poolside brunch in Tahiti or bopping from meeting to meeting at a New York City conference weekend, there’s nothing worse than having to leave your dog behind.

To help ease your worried pup mind we’ve completed a list of tail-wagging tips and tricks to make your travels, and dog sitting experience a success.

1. Meet and Sniff

Setting up a time for your dog to meet your sitter before  you trip is essential to make sure they’re as comfortable as can be before you leave. If your dog sitter has a pup of their own, make sure to introduce the two in a neutral environment such as a park or a walk through the neighborhood.


2. Provide Details

You might be used to the quirks and cuteness of your pooch, but your dog-sitter probably isn’t. Even if they’ve raised dogs of their own, every pup is different. Be sure to leave details regarding feeding schedules, sleep schedules, and any silly little canine habits that might surprise your dog-sitter.

updated notepad

3. Plan Ahead 

It might be your natural instinct to simply measure out exactly how many scoops of food your pooch will need while you’re away but hey, things happen. Maybe your perfectly portioned bag of kibble gets knocked over by your friend’s spiteful cat. Don’t make your dog-sitter run out for another bag—or worse—rely on table food. Be prepared and pack extra.

Larger Water Bowl Spaniel Fenella Smith

4. Pack Their Favorite Things

This one goes back to when you were a kid and refused to leave the house without your favorite blanket. Having something cozy and familiar will help your dog feel comfortable in a new environment.

barkshop blanket

5. Don’t Forget Any Medications

Whether you’ll be away during their monthly dose of heartworm medication or they require something a bit more daily, don’t forget to pack these essentials. Leave your sitter with specific instructions about the time of day that they’ll need to take them and details on how to properly administer it (peanut butter covered vitamin, anyone?).


6. SnoutTime

No matter the reason for your absence, don’t forget to check in on your little buddy! Many pet sitters use an app to keep you in the loop with jazzy photos and a comprehensive report card about your visit. Whether it’s through an app, a quick phone call or a lengthy FaceTime, err… SnoutTime, your dog-sitter will appreciate the effort of ensuring that things are going smoothly. Plus, your pup will adore hearing your voice (or seeing your face)!


Featured image via @equipawspetsmiami

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 15, 2016

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