What’s Your Pup Feeling? Here Are 5 Ways To Tell, Just By Listening

What are dogs feeling? Well, they are actually TELLING you in a number of ways, one of them sound. Here are 5 ways to tell what a dog is feeling by what they’re saying


If they sigh with their eyes half closed, it’s a sign of contentment…

…but if it’s a sigh with their eyes wide open, it means you’ve disappointed them.


Low pitched moaning, especially in puppies that are cuddling, means that you have one pleased pooch on your hands!


A whine that rises in pitch usually means your pup is upset about something…

But one that doesn’t change or drops down in pitch means they’re SUPER EXCITED!!!!!


If there’s rumbling and teeth, your pup is saying, “Get outta mah face!”

No rumbling, medium pitch and noisy with no teeth? “PLAYTIME MUTHERPUPPERS!”


Howling tends to be social. It’s a way to say “Pack, where you at, I’m here, brah!” It also tends to have a domino effect. One starts, the others soon follow.

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h/t to Woofpedia

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago