Grieving Dog Refuses To Leave His Buddy’s Side After A Fatal Bus Accident

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 9, 2015

We as humans are repeatedly proved wrong (or right) when it comes to what dogs can or cannot feel emotionally. We have known dogs who remain by their humans even when they have long gone, and who continue to prove day after day that they are capable of incredible love and loyalty.

It’s no secret that their genuine emotional faculties also extend to members of their own species, especially when they share a special bond.


Two stray dogs were playing near a street in Hong Kong when a minibus struck one of the pups and killed him instantly. The body lay in the middle of a busy road untouched by the driver, who did not stop. For more than ten hours, the survivor (nicknamed Blackie) stood by his friend despite the heavy traffic.


One man reports that Blackie could be seen licking the dog’s face and protecting him from nosy strays. About three hours after the accident, the same man graciously moved the body to the sidewalk—seven hours after that, animal control finally responded to calls and came to remove the dog.

blackie animal control

Blackie waited patiently and desperately for his playmate to get up, eventually resigned to waiting on the now-empty sidewalk until 5 A.M., roughly three hours later. He is now reportedly being looked after by a yard worker in the area, and will hopefully learn to recover from his broken heart.

H/t Coconuts Hong Kong & Shanghaiist

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 9, 2015